Send Personalised videos at Scale

Quickly record your video messages,

 personalise them with Vumu and then simply share them with your prospects to get more responses.

Send personalised video messages with Vumu

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    With Vumu you can record your face, screen or both at the same time and can share your videos anywhere.
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    Personalize your videos to add a human touch to your video and create a connection with your prospects.
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    Your prospects are bombarded with hundreds of emails every single day. To catch their attention create personalized videos and add them to your emails.
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    Personalize your videos to add a human touch to your video and create a connection with your prospects.
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    It doesn’t matter if you are start up or scaling up your business with VUMU you can increase the response rate, conversions and can create a long lasting relationship with your customers
Record Video
You can record your video message by downloading Vumu extension or can simply use the browser based application.
Personalize your message
Vumu lets you edit the video and allows you to add brand in the background so that you can send personalized message to each prospect
Send videos at Scale
You can share your videos with just a click. To send you can simply share the link of the video or add them to your emails.


Desktop recorder

Record your video from your browser without downloading any additional software

Chrome Extension

Download Vumu’s chrome extension to record, edit and share your videos

Screen recording

Vumu allows you to record your screen with or without the webcam

Animated video previews

You can create a GIF preview of your videos that you embed in your emails


Integrate with your sales engagement platform to create and send videos to your prospects

Embed videos

Add videos to your emails, landing pages, knowledge base or anywhere else you want

Email Videos

No need to download or attach the video simply put video personalized video messages in your emails with gmail or outlook

Use Cases

Collaboration with your team
Share your work with your team to keep everyone in the loop.
Give visual feedback on designs by highlighting, drawing and leaving comments in the video.
Increase your response rate by creating personalized videos and add them in your emails.
Customer Success
Send videos to your customers throughout their customers journey, to convert, welcome and retain them for the longer run.
Send videos with your branding to your customers to convert leads and to increase engagement.
Online Tutorials
Create video tutorials for your customers and help them use your application better

Increase your response rate with Vumu

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engaging and interactive videos for your customers.